“Our Mockingbird” Review by Emma

“Our Mockingbird” is a play written by one black and one white man from a Birmingham Alabama high school. It is based off of To Kill a Mockingbird, and they mix two different schools. One of them is all black and the other is all white people. The video talks about how in the 50’s and 60’s how different it was being black from white and how blacks couldn’t even play checkers against white people, and a middle school black girl who won the spelling bee couldn’t go to nationals because of her race. Then white people talk about how back then they all had to be ladies and couldn’t even go to the store without gloves and the hat. They give good examples from their personal stories that relate to the real story, and compare them. They also get the actors point of view and how they feel while preforming the play, and how much they get into their character, feeling like they are really them.

The idea of the play was great, because all those students from both schools got to mix with each other and do something fun and educated. From hearing their perspectives on the story, I think they learned a lot about themselves and the people around them. The boy who played Tom Robinson said during the trial he felt like he was really Tom and the words Bob Ewell would say to him felt so real. I think all students should experience something like that because it puts you in someone else’s shoes and you know how they feel and it changes how you think about things.

I really liked this video, because it was interesting to hear everyone’s opinions on the book, and the movie. I got to hear good comparisons from real life stories to the book, which showed me how To Kill a Mockingbird was not the only case that has been caused because of race. Millions of people have been convicted of something they didn’t do, and didn’t even get a chance to be heard about their side of the story, because of the color of their skin. Not just big cases like rape, but all the little things like drinking out of the same water fountain, or being able to even be friends with a black person just because of race. The students said how they felt about it and I heard from both sides the black and the white and what they think about each character like Tom, or Atticus.

There’s a line closer to the end of the video where one of the directors of the play had the students sit down before they performed and said “Just think about all those Boo Radley’s and Tom Robinsons out there, because there everywhere.” That inspired me because I actually think now, that there are so many people out there who are not heard, and I want to be someone who can help make that change.