What is Calpurnia Thinking? by Marley


11 thoughts on “What is Calpurnia Thinking? by Marley

  1. I really liked your video. You stayed in Character and it was really well written. I liked your perspective on everything.


  2. This was such a well put together video! I can tell that you worked really hard and it shows. I personally love all of the pictures you put in, they made it easy to understand the references you made to the book. Great job over all!


  3. Amazing job! It looks really good, I love how detailed it is. The concept was really good and I liked how you filmed it. The way you recorded it looked really nice and professional. It looks like you spend a lot of time on it, and I think it came out really, really, well.


  4. I thought that you portrayed Calpurnia’s character very well. It was interesting to hear her thoughts on what is going on with Tom Robinson and her views on how white people treat black people. Well Done!


  5. Good Job Marley! I liked how you had pictures in your monologue so we could imagine what you were saying. I liked how you weren’t just sitting their talking and there was a lot going on. I could tell you put a lot of time and effort into your monologue and it paid off.


  6. This video is obviously thought through well. If you keep up the work you will definitely be an amazing editor one day. I really love your work and keep it up!


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