Struggles of a Southern Belle by Maria


6 thoughts on “Struggles of a Southern Belle by Maria

  1. Really nice job! You got so into character, you seemed really passionate about it. Everything was put together really nicely. I also really liked how when you were talking about Calpurnia, and how you referred to her as “that.” It seemed like something she would do. The candle at the end was a good touch too.


  2. I really liked how you made Alexandra seem a little cooky. You are a very good actress. The only thing I didn’t understand is why she was reading a book and talking to herself at the same time.


  3. I think that you did a really good job portraying Aunt Alexandra. I thought it was interesting how crazy she was in your video. To me, it seemed like something her character would definitely say. Good Job!


  4. I really liked your monologue. Everything you said was something that Aunt Alexandra would say. You really did an amazing job being the character. Great job!


  5. Great Job on your monologue! Your script was well written and you totally embraced the role of Aunt Alexandra. Everything you said I could totally picture her saying. I could also tell you put a lot of hard work and effort on your monologue and it paid off!


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