Washington post article by Emma

In the story it talks about how moms and just parents in general are trying to be cool, by going along with what their kids are doing even if it’s wrong so they seem cool. They think by being “cool” it’s making them seem younger or not as old but it actually looks really bad. It’s not doing their kids any good by being showed that those bad things their saying and doing are right. I have seen this kind of stuff before when I’m at the mall or out eating moms will be sitting with their daughters and all her friends and they are being inappropriate or talking bad about other girls and the mom will laugh or go along with it. In my opinion that’s really wrong being your kids need discipline because in life they can’t just do and say what they want they need to know when to stop and what’s not cool to say out loud. It’s not also just the words and things they say it’s the boundaries they don’t have when parents act more like kids then adults who ae supposed to give the rules. Parents don’t pay attention to what their kids are doing like where there at, what they’re doing, who their with. With parents being like this their kids are going to grow up wrong this way and it’s not going to help them in the future.


4 thoughts on “Washington post article by Emma

  1. True. True. Parents are acting younger by being “cool.” So they shall just be theyselves here. It’s nice how you state that you have seen this behavior before and I have too, even in my parents. Well stated, Emma.


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