Sometimes Being Cool is a Bad Idea by Maria

The other day I was reading an article called, “Parents, you’re not doing your kids a favor by being ‘cool'” and it was about a woman who was sitting at a fast food restaurant. At another table was a woman with her two daughters, who were making comments directed towards their teacher’s appearance, and their mom was agreeing with them commenting that their teacher could “lose a fee pounds.” Then, the woman proceeded to ask her daughters if they would like a pumpkin spice latte “with extra shots.” According to the author’s perspective, the mom was agreeing with them and offering the drink by trying to attempt to look “cool.”
The message the author was hoping to portray, is that all too often parents are found trying to be cool for their kids to appear younger, but it ends by taking a toll on the kids later on.
I happen to strongly agree. All the time I see parents talking badly about someone to their children and it takes its toll.
My mom has never been the type of woman to go with social coolness and try to be a certain way to impress me. She strongly frowns upon “being my best friend” and trying to be hip or modern. It is something children have to be taught and it starts with their parents. Because my mom has never been my “friend” and taught me to think of her like my MOM that is how I think of her. Later on in my life, if I have children, I will have their respect and be recognized as being a guardian and elder, just like my mom has my respect.
Though on the other side of the spectrum, when kids are not taught to respect their parents, eventually it is going to hurt them. They will not know how to earn respect from their children, plus they will not know how to respect someone whom is older than them. They are going to get into a lot of social issues by not knowing how to earn/give respect, because they were never taught.
So parents, you are not doing your children a favor by trying to look cool, because eventually it WILL come back to bite them.


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