‘Cool’: What is it? by Patrick

This post is a reflection from a Washington Post Article. If you’d like to read it yourself, you can find it here:


I was riding home the other day with one of my friend’s mothers, and she was actively making fun of ‘cool’ people. “You’re all up there with your facetubes and periwinkle bananagrams”, she says. I find her as ‘cool’, and a lot of my friends think she is ‘cool’. The question parents and students alike are having? What is ‘cool’?

That’s different for everyone. For me, a cool person is someone who isn’t afraid to share his or her opinion, and is willing to make a fool of him or herself. For the general public, ‘cool’ means someone with either a lot of money or a lot of beauty. Even if his or her opinion is filled to the brim with lies and contradictions, he’ll still be considered correct. Every person who believes that this is ‘cool’ will act like they have the same opinion. Parents will fall under this trap as well.

Do parents need to act ‘cool’ around their kids? No. Everyone should be themselves, even parents. Media and other children are easily enough to ruin your kid’s mind. You don’t need to do it yourself.

Are there other ways to act ‘cool’ without infecting your children? Yes. Acting so ridiculous in a ‘cool’ way can turn your kids away from that treachery that is ‘cool’.

I’ll end this by saying I am completely out of the loop when it comes to ‘cool’. I have friends, of course, but I definitely don’t have an entourage following my every move.

This is my opinion, and my opinion only. Feel free to post yours in the comments.


6 thoughts on “‘Cool’: What is it? by Patrick

  1. It was very interesting how you used real life situations in your blog post. It was very nice and you got right to the point. When you used ‘cool’ <- like that, it made me question what cool even means anymore!


  2. I like your strong message and I completely agree. I liked how you started by saying how society now days defines cool and how parents try to act like that. I also agree that everyone should be themselves. Very nice, Patrick!


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