Are Parents Too Cool? by Casey

Are Parents these days too “Cool”? Andrew Reiner states in “Parents, You’re Not Doing Your Kids Any Favors By Being ‘Cool’,” that parents today are blurring the boundaries between being a parent and a friend. Personally, I have “cool” parents and it’s not a bad thing. Because my parents share similar interests and have a closer more open relationship, it is easy for me to talk to them.

Trust is a very important element in a parent-child relationship, but parents also have a responsibility to keep their kids safe. Kids can’t be allowed to have complete privacy. Parents who aren’t on the internet can’t watch over their kids as well as those who are on the internet. Everyday kids are bullied through the internet. The internet is the easiest place for a bully to make fun of someone and put them down. Behind the screen, where you can’t actually see the person you are talking to, it is easier to say whatever you want. Just because a bully didn’t physically say something, does not mean it hurt the person it was said to any less. When a kid has access to the internet and has a social media account they are exposed to the bullying. A child could be getting bullied and they would never know and wouldn’t be able to help them. My parents are both on all the social media accounts that I am on. They watch over me and protect me from these cyber bullies and help prevent me from ever playing the role of the bully.

Another reason I think it is good for adults to keep up with what’s popular with their kids is that it keeps them safe. Some kids don’t realize how many new opportunities that they are given as soon as they have access to the internet. Parents who don’t pay attention to what social media accounts their kids are on can’t monitor what they are doing. Once something is posted or sent it cannot be taken back. This is something that I don’t think enough people understand. My parents are up to date on what’s popular. Whenever a new app comes out or something new is trending they can talk to me about whether it is a good or bad thing and how to handle it. I know that without them watching over me I could have easily made some dumb decisions that I would later regret.

Are parents too “cool”? No, just because some parents are participating in the social media sources that kids are on today does not mean they are childish or irresponsible, they are simply being safe and protective. I disagree with Andrew Reiner, my parents are doing me a favor by being “cool”.


8 thoughts on “Are Parents Too Cool? by Casey

  1. Casey, I thought you did a really good job of expressing an opinion to the contrary of what the article stated. Personally, I agree with you. This was very well thought out


  2. The structure and overall idea is great. You made very good points in this article, but I feel like the second and third paragraph are a little repetitive. They both talk about if you don’t monitor your kids internet activity then they could get cyber bullied. Other then that very nice article.


  3. I agree with you completely. Parents can be cool, but I also think that it can be ridiculous if taken to a certain extent. I liked the ending of your post. Nice job!


  4. I like how you talked about how your parents are considered cool, but they have boundaries. They can still be parents and not just your friend. You also said how there’s a point when parents aren’t doing their kids any good by acting more like a friend then an actual parent, and I totally agree with that.


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