Are Parents “To Cool” Now A days? by Marley

Andrew Reiner’s article, ‘Parents, you’re not doing your kids any favors by being “cool” was posted to Washington Post. I think this article was spot on. Some parents tend to drop down to their kids level and act like a child, even though they are supposed to be our role models. Teenagers rarely follow what their parents are doing when their trying to be cool. In the article, Andrew says, “Lord knows this wasn’t a gold medal moment  in parenthood, let alone adulthood.” Letting your children have to extra shots of anything is pushing the limits. Wanting more shots than the given recipe is a little too far. Letting your kids consistently get in the habit of having what they want all the time, is not a good thing. They have no boundaries. It is not a good place to be. Also, the parent figure saying ‘of course’ is obscure. Most parents, at least mine, would probably turn down that request of wanting more flavor. It is immature for an adult to drop down to a child’s level and act like a kid. Embarrassing your child is not what an adult should be doing. Sure, it is okay if it is for humor sometimes but  other than that, it should be kept private. Some parents just need to chill, no one is going to judge them for being regular parents.


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