Being “cool” by Holly

After reading an article about what it means to be ‘cool’, I have a new perspective on what most middle schools think it means. These days in middle school, being ‘cool’ is what some may consider having the most likes or followers on social media, having the newest pair of nike shoes, or in some cases, smoking or drugs. Over the years, society has evolved and played a major role in the development of people all ages. Although people may think only adolescents or people of other certain ages may be affected by social media, but its everyone. People of all ages are starting to be influenced by society and social media. I know I am being affected by social media and society, sometimes without even knowing it. I know im not the only one who scrolls through Instagram and sees photos of someone that has something I don’t and want it. It’s okay for people to change themselves in response to something they’ve seen on social media, to a certain degree. It’s not okay to be overly concerned about having everything and being like a ‘cool’ kid. Its crazy how some people buy likes and followers on instagram. Ill admit, I used to have a free app that I could get free likes. I have not used it in months because I realized how stupid it was. Being cool doesn’t mean having hundreds of likes and followers. There is more to life than your popularity on social media. Social media status is not the only thing that it means to be ‘cool’ these days. Some kids think being cool means smoking and drugs. Most of them end up dropping out of highschool or college and struggle to make ends meet. All because they chose to make bad descisions in middle school in attempt to be cool, later in life that affected them. Society is changing every day but its those who are aware of it, don’t let it change them and don’t fall under the influence of society.


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