The Outsiders 6 Word Memoirs

Socs are rich. Greasers are happy. – Holly

Socs and greasers are huge rivals. – Sam

It’s hard being on the outside. – Ryan

Loving supporting fighting is what represents! – Tatiana

Prove wrong those who underestimate you. – Jon

Socs are “tuff”. Greasers are heroic. – Marley

Heroes, Hoodlums, Over privileged, Mustangs, Girls – Ariel

See the sunset every single day. – Patrick

Socs, A-1
Grease, loathsome
– Maria

Friends have gold in their hearts. – Maddy

Love is precious. Love is right. – Lily

An outsider with a loving family. – Ray

Give a different person a chance. -Mick

Socs vs greasers money vs none – Emma T.

Socs and greases, only one sunset. – Casey


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