Why is this book titled The Outsiders by Lily

There is a significance to the title of the book called the outsiders. An outsider itself is a person who doesn’t fit into a particular group. The two point of views on the Socs and the Greasers are taken only one way. They don’t feel like they fit into the right place so they get frustrated and start sides. Pony boy had said in the book that the tension between the two sides are from negative feelings. It’s not about the money, or the clothes, or even the cars. Pony boy being the main character told us all about his life as a greaser.

He didn’t even decide to be a greaser. He grew up in a gang where your family was your brothers and friends. He couldn’t do anything about it. Everyone is unique, but one trait from each member of the gang relates to violence. The author could use many words to describe this story but as an author the outsiders had referred to more people being plural. The title also had a dramatic affect with how deep the title was. Being an outsider can be really beautiful. There is always someone who stands out in the crowd. I know what it’s like to stand out, get looked at and talked about. When I was eight years old I had found out I had Tourette’s syndrome. People were constantly looking at me thinking there is something wrong with me. The natural reaction of the human brain is to wonder. That’s exactly what we do when we see someone or something different. When we look at Pony boy we know he’s the outsider. In his case, it isn’t good to stand out and show his individuality. He is unique for what seemed like all the wrong reasons. Besides, he can never get the guts to stand up to any of the greasers and tell them what they were doing is wrong. He’s the only one that realized there was more to life than doing grousm acts in which could hurt someone. We all want to feel bad for the greasers. They are the ones in poverty, and the ones who don’t have a family.


We can tell that the greasers seem different from the two gangs comparing what kids are like at school. Luckily, Pony boy at the end of the book found peace in his space. He was realizing that his personality and his way of life defined who he was. The greasers and in particular Pony boy will always be the outsiders of the world until they find where they belong, just like everyone else.


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