Which character relates to me? by Ariel

In  The Outsiders I could probably relate to a lot of the characters but, Darry is the one that describes me. In my world I like to think of everyone being realistic and telling me the truth instead of hiding things from me. My opinion of people that are straight with me are called 100% people, and others that aren’t 100% are shady.

The first thing that is described about Darry is his liability to be the realist character of the gang. The reason I can relate to this character is because I have liability to be trustworthy to my friends, because when they have problems, I help them by telling things that my parents would tell me. Darry plays this role because he is the father figure for Sodapop and Ponyboy. In the book Ponyboy tells us that Darry is mean to him but doesn’t mean to be. As I get older I notice that the way that I took things when I was younger is different because when I am honest with people, they seem to think that I am mean but, I don’t intentionally try to be that way. I am a person that thinks about how people might take the things I do but some of those people are the types that take things to be critical. Darry is one you don’t cry in front of unless you’re really hurt.  I have another similarity with Darry, he was an athlete, and not only was he a athlete, but he was offered a scholarship, but couldn’t afford to pay for the scholarship. So all he had was his brothers and his gang, my dad lived the same way, he was raising his brother, in place of his mother, because they were going through hard times. I myself am a scholar athlete but at times I have to be grateful for the things that I have. Another similarity is that I am strong for a little girl and life weights like Darry. Also, I am a caring person that loves most of my friends, but I try to treat everyone the same and show that I care, I call that tough love, just like Darry treats Soda and Ponyboy. I’m also the type of person that loves giving to my community, even the less fortunate and even the homeless. Although Darry wasn’t the type, he made sure that the boys never reached that point.

Darry has synonymous qualities but then again I has similar qualities because I don’t feel bad for what I say I bring sympathy because I have things that I need to work on. Although, I have qualities that are not positive, I result to change at the end just as Darry changes at the end of the book.