What character do I relate most to in The Outsiders? by Holly

I can relate to the character Pony Boy in The Outsiders by SE Hinton. Since the book is told from Ponyboys point of view, he thoroughly describes a lot of his feeling and thoughts. Throughout the book there are points where I can see myself in Ponyboy. I have felt a lot of the same things Ponyboy has and he reminds me a lot of myself.

Towards the beginning of the book, Pony boy mentions how he has a high IQ but he doesn’t know how to use his head. I can relate to that because im very smart (I think) and I have a high iq. But sometimes I don’t know how to use my head. For example, I make stupid decisions without thinking. I am constantly regretting the easily avoidable choices I make. And I know that this is true because some of my friends and family tell me I need to think more before I do things.

I can also relate to Ponyboy and Johnny when they said they can understand each other without saying anything. I have multiple friends that I understand and who understand me as well. We can communicate things to each other without saying anything. When me and my friends are in class, we can communicate things just by looking at each other. Also, we think a lot of the same thoughts at the same time. For example, me and my friend start doing or saying the same thing at the same time and its very weird because we don’t do It on purpose. Lastly, I can read a person’s body language who I have known for a while. I can watch their body language and determine if they are sad or not without them verbally saying anything. So i know what Ponyboy is talking about when he says he understands Johnny without him saying anything.

Lastly, Ponyboy is okay with being different. He has longer hair than everyone else and even though people tease him for it, yet he still doesn’t care. For me, I don’t try to be different than everyone else, I just am. People tell me that I am weird and crazy but to me that’s not a bad thing. Also, people judge me when they hear my laugh, including my family. They assume so much about me just based on my laugh. People shouldn’t tell me to stop laughing, just like people shouldn’t tell ponyboy to cut off his hair. So I can understand why Ponyboy doesn’t change himself just to satisfy other people because that is part of who he is.

Although I am similar to Ponyboy, we still have a lot of differences. But overall, I am a lot like Ponyboy. The things he says, how he says those things, how he acts, how he handles situations, and his outlook on life. All of those things remind me of myself in at least one way and im proud to say that I share similarities with someone so brave and heroic.


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