Two 60’s Pop Culture Icons by Ray

Let’s start with the most known pop artist of the 60’s.Of course I’m talking about “The King”, Elvis Presley, He was born in Tupelo, Missouri, but then moved to Memphis, Tennessee where he started his music career. In 1954 Elvis started working with a man named Sam Phillips the owner of Sun records, Elvis was accompanied by a guitarist named Scotty Moore and a bassist named Bill Black. Elvis made a type of music called rockabilly, a backbeat driven fusion of country and the blues. Elvis’s first RCA single was called “Heartbreak Hotel” and was a number one hit in the USA. After a few more hits he was the leading figure of rock and roll in the United States, with numerous TV appearances and hugely popular songs. He also made movies, the first one he was in was called “Love Me Tender”. Elvis Presley influenced the greasers because they liked  his music, and also he could have been a kind of role model for them. They were influenced by the way he acted and also his personality. Elvis grew up in a very different environment than the greasers, but they look to him as a role model, because they like him as an artist, and they like his character in general.


Now we will talk about the second huge icon in the 60’s “The Beatles”. The Beatles was a legendary rock group that came together in England. In 1960 they went to make music that were some of the most famous songs ever. Some of the songs they made were: “Yesterday” “Hey Jude” “Penny Lane” “With a little help from my friends” and “Fab Four”. I think that The Beatles influenced the socs more than the greasers because Cherry Valance asked Ponyboy why he liked Elvis and why he did not like The Beatles. Also the greasers said that The Beatles were lame and that Elvis was tuff. I think that The Beatles influenced the Socs because a lot of the socs hairstyles are modeled after The Beatles, and also the kind of clothes they wear. I also think that The Beatles influenced the socs personality in a way that they act like they are carefree and it does not really matter what happens


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