Outsider by Casey

Grouping and stereotyping- it’s human nature, we can’t stop it but we can try to look past it and realize that everyone is just an outsider. The title “The Outsiders” has a huge significance in the meaning of the story. Instead of calling the book “The Greasers” or something along that line, Hinton uses the outsiders. One theme of the book is that everyone is human and an outsider is not necessarily categorized into a social group. In this case the outsider could have been a Greaser or a Soc.

There are many possibilities for who S.E. Hinton could have been referring to when she uses the word “Outsider”. Ponyboy was an outsider but so was Cherry, Randy, and the boys in the gang. The gang was one group within a social class, the greasers, but yet all of them were so different. In the book, Hinton talks about how Pony was smart and enjoyed sunsets and good literature. Johnny was scared of life. Darry was tough on the outside but very protective and a good leader. Sodapop was a middle man in the family and just wanted everyone to get along, he always seemed to understand. Dally was tough and cold and explosive. Cherry was an outsider because, although she’s a Soc, she cares about Pony and wants to help the greasers and enjoys watching sunsets. Randy is an outsider because he doesn’t like to fight and is tired of being labeled as a Soc and doesn’t want the social groups to exist anymore.

Throughout “The Outsiders” S.E. Hinton introduces many “Outsiders” to us, whether they were greasers or not. If Hinton had called the book “The Greasers” the theme of everyone’s human might not have had the same significance as it did. In a way we are all outsiders and I think that maybe that is one of the messages that Hinton wanted us to get from reading “The Outsiders”. People always categorize, it’s something that people have always done and most likely will always do, we can’t stop it, and there will always be popular kids, geeks, gamers, musicians, and so on. We can, however, try to see past the labels and realize that everyone is an outsider and we are all different.


One thought on “Outsider by Casey

  1. I really liked all of the examples you put down. They really helped make your writing more detailed and easier to follow. I also really like your topic. Nobody that I saw did this topic and I think it really worked out for you and was a great decision. Overall, awesome job!


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