Letter to S.E Hinton by Tatiana

Dear S.E Hinton,

“Nothing can wear you out like caring about people”, by you saying that it was something inspiring that I never thought about in the book “The Outsiders” before. By reading your quote it relates to the book in a way that’s in a different perspective that I thought it would be in the first place which it made me think even more. This quote related to the characters in the book by how each of them were always there for each other and always caring about each other. Also in my life, I had friends since preschool that i still have and they have never got boring for me because they are always caring about me and I do the same.

The characters you explained in the book were thought through and well explained that didn’t make me question what they would look like in real life. It was well explained so well and the emotion in each character was very strong that made me feel in my heart what that person would be feeling or going through. Another part that I thought about was the different cliques and stereotypes there are in schools and the world. Can you realize the different cliques all the time? For example, I could think of different people in different cliques in my class that I never fully pictured in my mind or thought about before.

The part I really enjoyed was each chapter was different and it made the book move along faster. It made you want to read more to find out what happens next and even sometimes in would leave you with a cliff hanger which made in interesting.

My Favorite part that I liked the most was the book was mostly all about the boy’s life but not the girls. As a girl reader it made me think who I was most alike and why and how a guy would figure out their own problems without going to someone else. Also as you being a women author, and writing about guys life’s and how they live made it in a different perspective on a boys and a girls part in the reading the book. Which different genders would intervene on having a different opinions in the book. By reading “The Outsiders” this book had different perspectives on friendships and life and how you said early how “nothing can wear you out like caring about people” was a big impact on me that will truly always be true!




2 thoughts on “Letter to S.E Hinton by Tatiana

  1. I think that Tatiana’s letter to SE Hinton was very well constructed. I think it was interesting that you went into detail about how she used good detail. I like how you talked about how she had a different perspective on them because Hinton is a girl and it’s a story mostly about boys.


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