How did violence affect the characters in The Outsiders? by Mick

Crips vs. Bludz

In the book, The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton I focused on the violence that affected the characters. I focused on two types of violence, one of them is emotional trauma. Emotional trauma are things that happen to use that you will always remember. That is also like a mental scarring. Then the other type of violence I focused on in the book was, physical violence. Physical violence is the type of violence that happens when you get beat up, jumped, and/or when you suffer from any physical injury. Here are some examples that happen in the book.

In The Outsiders the emotional violence is in the greasers. They are in the greasers because that’s the point we see the story from.  Of course the greasers suffer from it also because they are looked at as outsiders (which is the name of the book). The greasers that suffer from the emotional violence are Johnny and Dallus. The way Johnny experiences the emotional toll is from his parents always fighting and his house being chaotic. We see that his parents are always fighting on chapters 2 and 8. Another greaser that if affected by the emotional violence is Dallus. The reason Dallus is affected by this is that he was abandoned by his parents. The main, Ponyboy is affected by this too, he is affected by the emotional trauma by his best friend, Johnny dying. The characters affected by physical violence are all of the greasers. The greasers are affected by this by all of the rumbles. But the greasers most affected by this are Dallus, Johnny, and Ponyboy. Dallus is affected by this by him holding up gasoline stores and him getting shot by the police. Johnny is affected by this from the rumbles and getting very injured in the fire from getting children out of a burning building. And finally Ponyboy is affected by this from rumbles, almost drowning from the Soc’s, and getting jumped in the beginning of the book. That is how violence affected the characters in the book, The Outsiders by, S.E. Hinton.


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