Elvis, The Original Greaser by Maddy

ElvisIn the novel, The Outsiders, The Greasers reflected their appearance by Elvis. Elvis was a sexy, 60’s icon, that the Greasers tried to base their looks off of. Elvis had the very slick, perfect hair, and that tough look on his face. The greasers try to be very cool, and slick just like him. Elvis was kind of like a rebel, and his music was very cool. You can tell that in the book, the Greasers were like rebels too, and like to be slick and cool.

OutsidersElvis and the greasers both were born into a poor community. Elvis made a lot of kind of rock like music. The greaser seemed like the type of people that would listen to that kind of music considering that they were cool, and tuff people. Elvis and The greasers had a lot of background information that were very similar.

PonyBoyElvis and the greasers had a not-so-good thing in common. They both smoked and drank. Elvis used to smoke maybe after performances, but Ponyboy usually had one every 30-45 minutes. Overall, they did drink and smoke a lot.


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