Does the novel hold up in 2014? by Ryan

The Outsiders holds up in 2014 because of the problems and the emotions that they make. One question that I have wondered was, If the characters were alive and could talk to you today would they still be the same or would they be on different paths. Would they show the same emotions as they did if they were real and 20 years older? It applies to me now because most of the problems are similar like thinking you might have to go to a foster home because your parents are dead and your brother might not be old enough to take care of you or how people treat you because you grew up in the wrong neighborhood. The emotions that are the same with The Outsiders and now because how Ponyboy feels about Johnny dying it would be the same as now, how Darryl and Soda pop felt when Ponyboy left. It would be the same as now because that would be really hard to deal with but also because we are all human and when you’re best friend dies it’s going to be hard to deal with. It has also applied now because people are treated badly sometimes because they grew up in a bad neighborhood. Also because how they are taught is shown in public like if you are crazy in your neighborhood you are most likely to act crazy in public. The way that Ponyboy and the gang are treated by others and themselves is crazy because in their house Ponyboy is treated like he is book smart and not so street smart and that is true but in school they don’t really say how he is treated but at the beginning of the book he gets mugged which shows us that he isn’t really tough at school but he gets into a lot of gang fights so it is different from his families perspective of him and the perspective of his whole school.

Outsiders Brothers Embrace.jpg


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