Where I Am From… by Maria P.

I’m from somewhere
From Africa, Florida, Washington, Costa Rica, Brazil, London, Paris, and STL
Around the world and back.

I’m from Gammy, Poohbah, Davide, and Mom
A place to call home
From hot nights roasting marshmallows on the grill
And eating too many chocolate chip cookies.

I’m from saving stray dogs and catching wild snakes
From being attacked by hippos
And monkeys eating all the sugar.

I’m from a happy life
The feeling of new clothes from Nordstrom, mascara, and Kingsley
Going to Starbucks, playing soccer, and singing my heart out for KATY.

I’m from love
Marley, Luci, Paige, Reagin, Diamond, Uncle John, Poohbah,
Gammy, Alexis, Duchess, Christina,
Olivia, Holly, Emma, Lily, Ariel, Kelly, Bella,
Tati, Uncle Richard, Cedric, Cedaria, mi madre, Davide, Gracie.

I’m from secretive struggles, and crying alone,
From 15 minutes that changed my life, and saying goodbye to a life that felt safe
I’m from having hope that doesn’t exist, and praying that it would
I’m from never giving up, and never knowing what to think.

I’m from being overly dramatic, and being obsessed with PINK
From having sleepovers deprived of sleep and being incredibly girly
From painting on the polish board, Instagram stalking, and parties that I wished would never end

I’m from a family that talks it out, where nobody is left behind
I’m from half my family that talks it out, half a family never left behind
From a half that is my whole.

I’m from the best life, the life I wouldn’t trade for the world.


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