Where I Am From… by Patrick L.

I’m from my family
No siblings, but two parents
Always ready to help

I am from 9/11
Not the best time to be 12 days old
The smoke is rising, get the door snake

I’m from video games
Trying to make people laugh is difficult
Especially through pictures

I am from Panera Bread
With great food and great stories
Murders for 60 cent recyclables

I’m from the log
An island often mistaken for one
New York is where the apple is

I am from Germany
From Switzerland and other places
All over the globe

I’m from the secret jokes
Hillarious pictures with bulbous text
Teh bad speling is my way of ninja

I am from Whitfield School
St. Louis Missouri is the best place to live
And there is no place I’d rather be


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